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scrible Nominated for Digital Innovation in Learning Award (DILA)!

October 1, 2015

dila 2015 logo

We’re happy to tell you that scrible was nominated for a DILA, an education industry honor awarded by EdSurge and Digital Promise. We were nominated in the Better Together category, which recognizes organizations that include “various users and stakeholders in product/initiative design, implementation, and feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement”.

Check out the video we submitted for our award application below. It highlights some of the great K12 schools and educators we’ve worked with!

scrible at EdSurge Tennessee Tech for Schools Summit

April 24, 2014

Last week, we were in Nashville for EdSurge’s Tennessee Tech for Schools Summit. For those who don’t know, EdSurge is an awesome news organization that covers education technology. They’re on the bleeding edge of what’s new and interesting in education, startups and technology and they’re a great one stop shop for anyone interested in ed tech startups and investing. They’ve been organizing and hosting Tech for Schools Summits around the country that bring together local K12 educators with some of the best ed tech startups from across the country. The latest was in Nashville. It drew teachers, librarians, IT decision makers, etc. from across Tennessee. Competition among startups hoping to participate was fierce. Many applied and only ~30 were invited. Local education experts judged the applicants to decide who made the cut. So, we were honored and excited to be invited! The scrible Team at the Summit consisted of Victor Karkar (our CEO), Andrew Biros and Cavan Klinsky. Andrew is Head of Instructional Technology, Lead Educator, Curriculum Designer and Program Manager at Kensington Creative & Performing Arts High School in Philly. Cavan is a sharp, driven and impressive Rails developer, debater, tech entrepreneur and junior at the Horace Mann School in New York City. Andrew and Cavan are fans of scrible and volunteered their time to come tell Volunteer State teachers all about scrible.   victor andrew cavan scrible edsurge tennessee summit 4.16.14 289 4.16.14 285 4.16.14 283

(Photo credit: Tina Osborne)

We demo’d scrible and spoke with 74+ educators from 56+ schools across Tennessee. It was amazing. Teachers loved us. Their feedback validated our value to them and their schools. When asked, Would you use this product?, 84% said Yes.

40 educators from 31 schools rated us on a 1 – 5 scale (5 = Best) as follows:
  • This product would be really easy for me to set up: 4.0
  • This product is visually appealing: 4.1
  • This product saves me tons of time: 4.0
  • Overall impression of the product: 4.2
34 other educators from 29 schools rated us on the same scale as follows:
  • If administrators were looking to purchase this product for their school, how strongly would you advocate for this product?: 4.0
  • Overall impression of the product: 4.2
When asked to describe our strengths, they wrote:
  • “Annotation and highlight.  Great product for common core.  Great to prepare students for college writing.
  • “Kids would be excited to use it.”
When asked how they would use scrible, they wrote:
  • “This tool would be usable in our middle school as a research tool. I see it as usable in cross-curricular and Project Based Learning assignments. It seems to give students all the components to complete a research project in one place.I will be sharing this with my peers.
  • “It is a great tool for teaching research to students. They will learn to read, scan, take notes, summarize, create citation pages. Wow, it’s great!
  • “Great annotating tool, great for close reading and research. Simple and powerful.”
When asked for reasons to recommend scrible to administrators, they wrote:
  • “This would be helpful in organization, research, and collaborative projects. It also provides a tool for feedback from the teacher.”
  • I would recommend it for ease of use and completeness in giving students all the tools they need in one place.”
  • “This is an amazing tool for students to be responsible online researchers! Students, young and old, can investigate, highlight, save and appropriately annotate work they have done with research. Students can also use this tool to take notes on required topics or learn about new topics of their own interest. In today’s tech world, students need to be able to use tools like this as they investigate. New state-wide assessments will require students to do online writing and research, so this tool will help them prepare.
  • I would definitely see this beneficial for all of my classes. Citations are so crucial for our students and with our state tests.”
  • I would recommend it to the ELA, science and social studies teachers who are giving research assignments.”

This feedback has been incredibly valuable! We’ve shared it with a variety of partners and it’s made a great impression… Showing how valuable scrible is for students and teachers. We want to thank EdSurge not only for drawing a great, engaged group of educators for us to speak with, but also for having fantastic, structured mechanisms and incentives to have those educators provide meaningful feedback. So often, startups spend lots of time, money and effort to attend conferences and trade shows and they may even have good conversations with attendees, but it’s rare to walk away with detailed, actionable feedback. Thank you EdSurge!

scrible not vulnerable to Heartbleed

April 11, 2014

Image Since it has been in the news so much, we wanted to assure our users that our services were not vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug announced earlier this week.  After a review, we found that our services were not running the affected versions of OpenSSL.  If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us via our Feedback Form.

scrible Launches New Bookmarking Service

March 20, 2014

We’re thrilled to announce our new bookmarking service!  It offers  traditional online bookmarking capabilities, but with some important twists.

Like a Search Engine for Your Slice of the Web

We do some magic behind the scenes so you can search the full text of all your bookmarked webpages. Like a search engine, we full text index those webpages so we can serve ’em up in search results when you keyword search your scrible Library. Google indexes the most popular websites and makes them easy for the World to find. We index your favorite webpages (the ones you’ve bookmarked) and make them easy for you to find.

bookmarking service as personal search engine

Part of a Platform that Lets You Do More…

This new service is integrated into our overall system, which lets you do much more with webpages and online articles (e.g. annotate them, archive them for later, etc.). So, if you want to do more with us, you can. That’s not the case with most bookmarking services.

So, you’ll now see the following new gray colored Bookmark Button in the scrible Toolbar:

bookmark button in scrible toolbar

When you click it to bookmark the page you’re on, it’ll change to a gold color and we’ll display the Bookmark dialog, which lets you add tags and comments, edit the Page Name, etc.

bookmark button in scrible toolbar and bookmark dialog v2

The Bookmark Button will appear gold whenever you revisit the page with the scrible Toolbar loaded to remind you that you’ve bookmarked the page. If you click the Button again, you can remove the bookmark and the Button reverts to gray. You can also remove the bookmark by deleting it from your Library.

…But Useful by Itself with Separate Bookmarking Tools

This new service offers a lightweight alternative to our existing approach, which is more high-touch. Sometimes, you don’t need to annotate or save an article for later. Sometimes, just grabbing the link will do. For folks who want a simple, quick way to remember their favorite sites, our new bookmarking service fits the bill. In fact, we’re rolling out a new Bookmarking Bookmarklet (today) and Bookmarking Chrome Extension (coming soon) that’ll do nothing more than save the URL… Using these new tools won’t even open the Bookmark dialog. They’ll just save the link in one click!

Import Your Bookmarks from Delicious and Your Browser   browser_logos-resize

Many of you asked us for the ability to import your bookmarks from elsewhere. Well, now you have it. Get started at our Other Tools Page. You can import from Delicious or your browser. When importing from Delicious, we retain the tags applied to each of your bookmarks and create those tags in your scrible Library.

When importing from a browser, we create a tag corresponding to each folder you used to organize your bookmarks in the browser. We then apply each tag to the corresponding bookmarks. So, for example, if in Chrome you had 3 bookmarks about travel in a folder named Italy and that folder was nested in another folder named Europe, we would create apply the tags Italy and Europe to all 3 of the bookmarks imported into your scrible Library. Also, to help you track where things are coming from, we apply a system-generated imported tag to all imported bookmarks. So, we’ve got you covered!

Let us know what you think about our new bookmarking service here.

Please spread the word and share this post via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.

Thanks and enjoy!

-Us  :)

A new home for users

July 20, 2013

In late June, we released a importer.  For those former users who exported their web clips, you can now use scrible as your new home for these and to continue to curate those clippings.  We import them as scrible pages, including all the tags, and full text index the clips just like we do for all your other saved pages.

 Just head over to to get started.  Let us know if you have any questions!

shareable libraries

March 6, 2013

We think our new shareable, collaborative libraries, a feature available in our Student Edition of scrible, are important enough to get a blog post of their own, so here we are! Previously, users were limited to a single, personal library. We are now enabling the ability to maintain multiple, separate libraries and also making them more friendly for sharing.

The new libraries allow you to interact with scrible in a more meaningful way than ever before. You can now keep topics of interest separated in a more concrete fashion, with each library keeping separate saved pages and tags. For instance, all of the pages saved for a research project can all be kept in their own library, separate from the pages saved for personal use. Tags you create in reference to 16th century literature won’t get mixed in with tags for great recipes and interesting reads.

We’ve also added the ability to share entire libraries instead of only individual pages. A teacher can now collect material on a topic, and share the entire library with students through one action instead of sharing multiple links. The library is also a living entity, so as pages are added or changed, anyone with access to that library will see the updates in real time.

Other Libraries - scrible - simpler, smarter research - Mozilla Firefox_013Once you have the feature enabled, you’ll have an “Other Libraries” tab added to the top right of the main library interface. Clicking that tab will bring you to the library selection page, pictured above. Here is where you can select and manage your various libraries. The “Create New Library” will open the dialog to start a new library. The process is straight forward, just name and describe the new library and you’re all set to go. Other Libraries - scrible - simpler, smarter research - Mozilla Firefox_014Once you’ve created the library, or click the “Manage” link, you’ll be brought to the “Manage Library” interface. There are three tabs, the first is the general tab. From here, you can edit the name and description of the library, just hover over either field and you can edit it right on the spot. This is also where to go in order to delete a library you no longer need.

Other Libraries - scrible - simpler, smarter research - Mozilla Firefox_015The second tab is used to invite others to the library. You can enter a list of email addresses, separated by commas, and give them all access to your library in one fell swoop. Once you’ve done this the invited users will show up on the next tab, “Access & Permissions.”

Other Libraries - scrible - simpler, smarter research - Mozilla Firefox_016This tab will show you all the users that have been invited and their permissions for the library. By default, invited users are set to only have “read” access. They can see the contents of the library, but cannot change, add, or delete content. The check boxes next to each name allow permissions to be set for each individual quickly and intuitively. You can also remove users entirely from the library by clicking the red “X” next to their name.

scrible Launches Student Edition

February 26, 2013


We’re excited to announce the launch of the free Student Edition of scrible!  We’re rolling out brand new features that we’ve custom tailored to the student experience.  In addition to an increase in storage space, the Student Edition makes 5 powerful new features available (detailed below).

Free Upgrade for Students and Instructors
(UPDATED) After creating your scrible account you will be asked if you are a student or instructor and allowed to upgrade (Note: we previously had domain restrictions in place, but those have been removed). If you are a student or instructor and you’ve already got a Basic Edition account, just go to our Student Edition Upgrade page. If you’re interested in the advanced features in the Student Edition (described below), but you’re not a student, let us know here and we’ll try to help you out.  Does your school use Google Apps for Education?  If so you can just click the  icon and avoid creating another username/password you have to remember.

5 Powerful New Features

The 5 powerful new Student Edition features enable you to create sophisticated reports from you researched articles, easily capture citations while you’re reading online, generate bibliographies with one click, distill all of your highlights and notes into simple summaries and collaborate with others via group, topic or project specific Shareable Libraries.  Nearly all of these features (except for citation capture) are accessible from within your Library (as shown here) once you’ve upgraded to the Student Edition.



The first new feature is a robust report interface. We’ve added the ability to bring the annotations from your saved articles into a rich text editor.  Once you’ve selected the articles you want to work with and clicked the Add to Report Button in your Library, we take you to the report interface, which is a split pane view with the articles shown in a Source List on the left and the text editor on the right.  You can selectively click on annotations in the Source List to add them to the report on the right.  This allows you to easily bring your annotations into the editor and integrate them into your reports using the fully featured editor. Once you’ve finished writing, you can share the report using all the methods you’re used to, such as social media, permalink and email.


Citations & Bibliographies

To go along with report writing, we’ve tried to ease a major pain point: proper citations and bibliography creation. We’ve added a citation manager to our Toolbar so that you can create citations right on the webpage or article as you’re working. When you click on the Citation Button in the Toolbar (shown here with the green box around it), you’ll be shown the Citation Generator Window.  We autofill some of the citation info and you can easily fill in the rest.  Once you’re done, you can automatically create citations with a single click in all the major academic formats, such as MLA, APA and Chicago. This citation info is saved with your article for future use so that once you’ve filled it out, you’ll never need to touch it again.

citation management

Once you have your citations saved, you can pull them into our dedicated bibliography interface, seen in the screenshot here, or directly into the report interface described earlier.



If that all sounds too heavy, we also added a summary view of your annotations along with some meta information about the article.  So, you can distill down and extract out just the important highlights and notes. By showing you just the good parts, you’ll have a clean view of what matters most.  Shown here is the summary for just one article, but you can pull in as many saved webpages as you like at once.


Shareable Libraries

Lastly, we’ve added the ability to collaborate via multiple, Shareable Libraries.  You can now create separate libraries for various groups, topics and projects to keep your saved and annotated articles organized in an orderly fashion. You can also invite other folks to your Shareable Libraries so that you can work together to collect, save and comment on articles and Web content. If you’d like to learn more about Shareable Libraries, check out this blog post.

Other Libraries - scrible - simpler, smarter research - Mozilla Firefox_005

That’s it for the overview of scrible Student Edition.  As always, we love any and all feedback.  So, feel free to leave a comment below, drop us an email or – and this is the best – send us feedback here with your thoughts!


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